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The Haiga Of CarrieAnn Thunell

I began reading and writing haiku in 2001, spurred by the interest of my husband, Steven.  We began by writing 5-7-5 haiku, and soon discovered we had much to learn regarding English language haiku.

I've been writing poetry since early childhood, and began teaching myself art through library books and experimentation since around 1999. I work with natural plant stains, watercolors, pen and ink, oil pastels, colored pencils, backpoint pens, colored pens, sumi-e ink and brush, beads, and paper mache. I also enjoy photography, using a small digital camera, and two older manual 35mm slr's. My greatest love is taking backcountry treks along the wild coast of Washington, and have climbed several of the smaller peaks.  My art and photography are centered on natural landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife.

I discovered haiga in 2004 and have been inspired by the marriage of art and poetry.  I just discovered tanga in 2005, when I saw one in Pamela Miller Ness' tanka magazine, Red Lights.

I am unable to work outside the home due to severe chemical sensitivities.  The only cure for this largely unrecognized disability is avoidance, so I am very isolated from public life. Backcountry camping provides much relief from the inner city toxins, but it is purely a summer escape.  I find that art and poetry provide meaning and purpose to my life during the cold and rainy seasons.

There are those who consider art and poetry to be a dharma door to at-one-ment, a valid spiritual path of mysticism. It is so with me. Art and poetry deeply rooted in nature connects me to my world.  My hope is that such works will instill in those who view them a great love of the natural world, and for our fellow creatures, and a desire to protect the delicate balance of life on Earth.

All the art and images on this site were created and copyrighted by CarrieAnn Thunell, Copyright 2005 and Copyright 2006.  No images may be used or reproduced in any way without my signed and hand written consent.


Favorite Blogs I've Known

The World Kigo Database is one of the most interesting blogsites related to the global understanding of haiku.

A must for every serious haiku poet.  Located at




A wonderful blogspot that Gerald England told me about is Ukku Spring Haiku!  You'll want to check this one out!  I have barely begun searching through this well-designed site dedicated to English language haiku.

Personal Webpages of Interest

A wonderful and unusual multilingual site of haiku, haiga, haibun and more is Geert Verbeke;'s home page at

This site is unique in that it reflects Geert's incredible gift in languages. On it, you can find Geert's haiku written in English, French, German, and the Netherlands.  One page is dedicated exclusively to haiga promoting global peace.